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A new public garden at the project’s heart

Our vision is to create a garden for the community at the heart of the scheme, providing respite from the busy Walworth Road and bringing people together.

The garden has been designed to respond to the needs of all who will use it, with spill-out areas from the surrounding shops and community space, tables and hard-wearing benches for anyone to sit and relax, and a clear route through, connecting Walworth Road and Amelia Street. Planting has been designed to create a woodland feel and incorporates informal play amongst the planting.

Illustrative view showing what the garden would look like, with views towards the affordable housing building

Addressing your feedback on safety, security and management.

The idea of introducing a new publicly accessible route into the garden and through the site is core to our vision of the development being open, permeable and of benefit to the entire Walworth community.

From your feedback, we have noted clear support for making the public garden accessible in this way, with welcoming entrances on Walworth Road and Amelia Street. It is also clear that the safety, security and upkeep of this space is of up-most importance to people locally. We have put a number of measures in place to ensure it is safe, secure and well-maintained:

  • The entrance to the student accommodation has been moved to sit adjacent to the Walworth Road entrance, with clear sight-lines into the garden.
  • The community space, some of the shops and bike hub will all spill into the garden, providing natural surveillance.
  • Public access to the garden will be closed after dark.
  • The student accommodation operator will provide 24 hour on site security and be responsible for the garden’s upkeep through delivery of a rigorous management plan.

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