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Building Form

Our proposed building form retains 100% of the existing Walworth Road building structure.

A U-shaped building layout is arranged around a central public garden, creating a new and welcoming space for all, surrounded by a mix of community-facing ground floor uses.

Walworth Road and Green Spaces

A new green ‘heart’ at the centre of the site will continue the tradition of public green spaces located just off the Walworth Rd, such as the 19th Century Surrey Zoological Gardens located just behind where we are now.

The new garden will add to and reinforce the network of public spaces, connecting into the Low Line.

It will offer an alternative, safe and green route to the Walworth Road for pedestrians coming from the Pullens Estate and other residential areas to the west.

Retaining the Existing Structure

The concrete frame of the existing three storey Walworth Road wing will be retained and one extra floor added, with two further partial floors that will be set back to reduce their visibility from the street.

New wings facing on to Amelia Street (ground plus four with a fifth floor set back; rising to ground plus six floors on the furthest end of Amelia Street) and Manor Place (ground plus four floors with a set back fifth floor) will be added.

A Composition of Distinct Blocks

A series of distinct blocks are created, each responding to its immediate context:
• a stand-alone affordable residential block at the western end of Amelia Street
• two secondary ‘side-street’ wings of student accommodation along Amelia Street and Manor Place
• a main terrace block fronting Walworth Road
• two slightly taller, more elaborate blocks marking intersections of the westerly streets

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