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Design and Materiality

Our emerging façade draws on the local context, whilst giving the building a civic prominence on the Walworth Road.


  • Rooftop setbacks are a contemporary interpretation of the traditional attic storeys and are a soft, blush-pink metal.
  • The main ‘terrace’ along Walworth Road is designed in a soft, warm, subtly-toned brick façade with windows set into a deep brick wall to provide natural shading, and to recall the vertical proportions of the street’s traditional Georgian townhouses.
  • The use of glazed varied off-white and light sage-coloured bricks to highlight public entrances into the garden, community space and shops, helping to welcome and draw people in.
  • A sensitive pairing of lighter bricks on the elevations of the affordable housing building on Amelia Street, to help reflect more light and ensure a sympathetic relationship with neighbouring properties.

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