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Giving The Ground Over To The Community

Key to our vision is for as much of the ground floor as possible to be permeable and welcoming for all.

We are bringing forward a considered mix of uses, including a dedicated community space, accessed directly from Walworth Road, with a community kitchen at its heart.


Community space with purpose

The dedicated community space (c. 250 sqm) will create a space for everyone and foster a sense of togetherness, helping to create a bridge between existing communities and the site’s new student and residential population.

Our vision is for a space for people to gather, cook and eat together – a community kitchen providing access to healthy, low-cost food and its preparation, helping to build connections and tackle issues of loneliness.

The space is being designed with the flexibility to accommodate a range of different spaces and includes a direct route through to the central garden, allowing community activity to spill outside.

We are in talks with a number of local community organisations regarding the long term operation of the space and are hoping to have a community operating partner on board by the time we submit our application to the council.

Much-needed retail space

There was strong support throughout our consultation for the principle of revitalising this section of Walworth Road with new and improved retail space and our proposals respond to this, with new shops along the majority of the Walworth Road frontage.

Permeability and passive surveillance will also be improved with the retail units opening out onto the central garden – also helping to address issues of anti-social behaviour that we know are a concern locally.

Indicative CGI view of the proposals from Walworth Road showing the ground floor retail space and student reception.

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