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Transport, Access and Servicing

We have carefully considered the approach to transport, access and servicing arrangements on-site, to ensure that these are efficient and minimise disruption to neighbours.

We will be providing c. 256 cycle spaces on-site – serving the student and affordable housing – including a mix of Sheffield stands, two-tier spaces and larger stands. In line with policy, we will also be providing bluebadge parking bays within the buildings, to accommodate parking for those with disabilities in both the affordable and student housing blocks.

We are envisaging that access for residential servicing vehicles for will be on-street from Amelia Street, while a loading bay on Manor Place will accommodate wider servicing and maintenance. The affordable housing will have its own dedicated servicing arrangements, including waste collection. This will take place from Amelia Street for the northern core of the site and from Manor Place for the southern core.

Servicing and waste collection will be consolidated and managed to minimise impacts on neighbouring streets and residents – and further detail on this approach will be confirmed as the plans are finalised and submitted to the Council.

Indicative ground floor access and servicing plan

Indicative CGI view of the entrance to the garden from Walworth Road

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